For more information:

If you would like to have SOS provided for your school district, or to learn more information about the program, please contact:

Suzanne Goulder 
SAP Coordinator

270 Ohio River Blvd.
Baden, PA 15005
(724) 869-2222 ext. 225

Funded through the County of Beaver and grant money provided by BC-SCORES, The Prevention Network has been selected to provide training on suicide prevention in schools. The funding allows The Prevention Network’s Signs of Suicide Team, in partnership with the agencies Prevention Specialists, to train local school districts on preventing and catching youth suicides before they occur in their school district.

What is it?

Signs of Suicide (SOS) is a secondary school-based suicide prevention program that includes screening and education. Students are screened for depression and suicide risk and referred for professional help as indicated. Students also watch a video that shows them to recognize signs of depression and suicide within themselves and others.

They are taught that the appropriate response to these signs is to use the ACT technique:

  • ACKNOWLEDGE that there is a problem
  • let the person know you CARE
  • TELL a trusted adult.

Students also participate in guided classroom discussions about suicide and depression. The program strives to prevent suicide attempts, increase knowledge about suicide and depression, develop desirable attitudes toward suicide and depression, and increase help-seeking behavior among youth.

Who does it?

Signs of Suicide (SOS) has been implemented in more than 7,000 schools in the United States, Canada, and Ireland. In 2012, two gatekeeper tools were made available for use in program implementation: Training Trusted Adults (a 22-minute DVD for use in staff meetings or parent night) and Plan, Prepare, Prevent: The SOS Online Gatekeeper Training (a 90-minute online course providing in-depth suicide prevention information and step-by-step implementation guidance).

What is Act 71 in Pennsylvania?

Learn more information about Act 71 and how it affects you and your school district below.

Act 71 Support Page

The Act 71 support page has many student and district resources including videos districts can use for training purposes. Follow this link to the support page.

Signs of Suicide (SOS)

The Prevention Network and your SAP Liaisons can provide the SOS program in your schools. The SOS program has a staff and student portion. To take advantage of the program your staff will view a 23 minute training video, be trained on the student paperwork, and then ask questions. We would then set a date to present to the students. This includes a myth and fact on suicide session, video, and form completion. Once forms are completed, SAP Liaisons will screen students who indicate they would like to talk to us or were referred by a friend, parent, or teacher. Please contact us with addition questions.

The Pennsylvania Youth Suicide Prevention Initiative (PAYSPI)

PAYSPI offers FREE information and online modules districts can access. They have online staff training on policy development and staff training to meet ACT 71 requirements. This site further outlines all trainings vetted by PDE including costs, durations of trainings, and target audiences. Please visit the link below for more information.

Beaver County System of Care

You can also take advantage of Beaver County System of Care for Mental Health 1st Aide and other resources.