In 1977 The Alliance for Prevention, a citizens group in Beaver County, had a vision of creating a Prevention Project to serve the region. While realizing that alcoholism and drug addiction can become a generational cycle of abuse, this group began to develop strategies and programs to prevent the abuse of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. The Alliance believed that educating the community on how to live healthier lives would stop the abusive cycle that many families could experience.

These preventative measures would ultimately improve the overall quality of life and help to end the financial responsibilities that burden communities when prosecuting and/or rehabilitating those who are addicted to alcohol and other drugs. Since its inception, the Prevention Project has expanded its services by developing and administering proactive programs to enhance and restore the holistic health of individuals and their communities.

In 2005, the Prevention Project broke away from The Community College of Beaver County to become The Prevention Network moving to a new location at 270 Ohio River Boulevard in Baden, Pennsylvania. The agency grew in size and capacity and with this move a new and fresh start. In 2013, Jeremy G. Angus took over as President & CEO of the organization, replacing outgoing President & CEO Denis Sutter.